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Selling on DTY Marketplace

DTY Marketplace is committed to providing value to all its customers (sellers & buyers), and growing informal traders and micro-enterprises in the townships by providing relevant e-commerce tools and solitons.

How It Works

Create shop and upload products
(100% Free)

Optimize keywords & product details

Receive orders from buyers nationwide

Benefits of selling on DTY Marketplace

Free Online Shop with technical & marketing support

Secure & reliable payment methods and security

Integrated courier service ensuring delivery to your customers door nationwide

Conditions for selling on DTY Marketplace

Seller Logistics

You have to deposit your customer’s purchase(s) into the Pudo locker within 24hrs of receiving the order. Failure to do so will result in cancelation of the order and penalty of 5% of customer’s total purchase amount will be charged to your account.

Customer Delivery Costs

The DTY Marketplace delivery service is powered by Pudo, a division of The Courier Guy (Pty) Ltd. Delivery costs are charged to the customer per item purchased from each marketplace store. We recommend that you consider this when setting your listing price as the delivery cost will automatically be added to the final sale price that will appear on (See Pudo Pricing)

DTY Commission

Commissions will be retained only for items sold, 15%; Without minimum or fixed fee. Sellers will be paid out every two weeks for all completed sales not requiring customer refunds.

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