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About Us

Direct To You, or DTY as we prefer, does exactly as the name suggests. We provide e-commerce and last-mile distribution services, directly to the customer.  Working alongside small businesses and informal traders, we grow their companies by providing the tools and platforms needed to breach the digital divide. One such platform is DTY Marketplace. While most “formal” businesses have the resources and expertise needed to use e-commerce and logistics technology to their advantage, small and informal businesses are left at a severe disadvantage.

DTY Marketplace works to help smaller, informal businesses spread their reach and grow through e-commerce, with the hope that they will become significant, well-known brands that contribute to job creation and economic growth.


Our Story

DTY came about because we were one of these informal businesses. When we launched in 2020, we supplied a variety of limited-run products to townships and among five other distribution partners in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal. We sold clothing to people who followed us on social media and people we knew personally. Using paid ads on social media to attract more customers, we realised we were actually running at a loss. Why?  We were losing sales from many potential customers due to a lack of trust. Customers from far away did not trust that they could deposit money into our account and be sure that we would courier their items. While this was understandable, it was also frustrating! Social media gave us so many customer leads but, with no way of securely facilitating payment and delivery, we were losing out on revenue.


We realised that we were not the only small business with this problem and we would definitely not be the last. Our solution to this problem was to create and build DTY Marketplace. As a free-to-use e-commerce platform, DTY enables your customers to find you and make purchases, knowing their money is safe and delivery is guaranteed. Sellers can list their products, talk to their customers and smooth out the buying process – all in one secure, convenient space. And the best part? All the resources and systems are already set up for you, no technical expertise or promoting necessary!

Who is behind DTY

Nhlakanipho Shange

T: +27 10 035 6711 | WhatsApp: +27 81 555 3409 |

Contact Us

Contact Information
DTY, Centex Close,
Sandton, 2196